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The next update to the FTX AU AI Traffic pack for P3D V5 is nearing completion so I thought I would share a few screenshots. Included in this update is a complete revision of all AI aircraft to convert them to BPR models plus expanded use of dynamic lighting for tail logos etc.


Airline schedules have been maintained at pre Covid levels for now with the exception of a couple of known permanent changes, ie, the demise of Tigerair Australia, the rationalisation of the Virgin Australia fleet plus a few other minor changes.


It is anticipated that this update should be ready for release in mid to late February.




And of course, the newest player in the Sydney - Melbourne and Sydney - Brisbane routes has been included.





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24 minutes ago, Graham Eccleston said:

I’m afraid not. Some of the permissions obtained from 3rd party developers for inclusion of their models were limited to V5 only.


Thanks Graham.

I went from FSX to P3dV4  just to keep up with the OZ/N.Z freeware packs.

Hopefully V4 is still in the running or I may have to go V5 which I'm not to 

sure about. Anyway see how it plays out.:)

Have a good one.



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I've now modified the textures for the Jetstar aircraft to better match them with the real world aircraft. While not perfect, I do think the result is a noticeable improvement on the earlier textures shown in the screenshot above..





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As your are updating this very nice Traffic pack, I though I should let you know that some sounds and effects are missing in the package, like



fx_f16_navwhih                                              //  fx_f16_nav_white in p3dv5
fx_f16_navredm                                              //  fx_f16_nav_red in p3dv5
fx_f16_navgrem                                              //  fx_f16_nav_green in p3dv5



fx_tchdwn_n                                                   //  fx_tchdwn_m in p3dv5


Hope it helps



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On 1/31/2021 at 1:27 AM, gaab said:



As your are updating this very nice Traffic pack, I though I should let you know that some sounds and effects are missing in the package, like


Hope it helps




The flaps sound has been deliberately removed as it is far too loud for an AI aircraft I'll check the others and include them if required. 

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Gday Graham,


Is it possible to keep the tiger australia etc paints and just exclude them from the AI flight plans. I use this AI traffic install for AI aircraft in multiplayer and some people will continue to fly these airlines in multiplayer after the schedules have finished.




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