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active Roads overlaying Airport KTCM

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Hello Nick


Thanks for the direction. I'll make sure I use it next time. I was looking at Orbx Central.


Anyway, my question is now moot. I have discovered it was the fault of another 3rd party airfield.


That being said: If I have Orbx roads overlaying an airfield what is the easiest way to remove or cover over them with L/C or Airfield




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there are really only two reasons why a road would overlay an airport.

The first is that there actually is a road there, but in a tunnel.

FSX does not understand tunnels, so traffic just moves over what it should be under.

The second is that the airport is in the wrong place.

EDDM is a perfect example, there are roads around it in the real world but the airport

is misplaced, so road traffic can be seen on the taxiways. 


One can use ADE to exclude the roads but it is difficult to be precise with such excludes.


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