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I miss JV comments. I miss all the stupid argument about nothing. I miss all of the friends I made here, yes virtual it is, so what?
The team that was trying new stuff and asking us about how we feel about it.

I miss the comments and the implication of  the designers, the creator

It's normal that a company need to adapt...

But I feel that OBBX was all about us, human being that love the product, support this one.

I just miss the old days... nothing bad intended here.

I don't feel part of the group anymore.

I made so much video for Orbx, it was fun then, if it was good your video would end up on the pruduct page, wow.

This time is gone

Best vid I did for Orbx


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I hear what you are saying Benny but back in 2010 when you joined , Orbx was a much smaller company than they are today . In the last 10 years they have grown to being

a major player in the FS industry . Between the Pandemic and MSFS ; 2020 was a huge sea change here on the forum IMHO . Hopefully things will settle down this year

and the forum will continue to welcome in new members and some older members will come back into the fold .




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14 minutes ago, Nick Cooper said:

I have tried hard to stop the stupid arguments about nothing.



And I say "Thank You" for this.

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