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I used the ESSA airport today on p3dv5 and i got a bit of an issue as there was snow, but too much as i could not even see the taxiways, stop bars or the runway limits.

I only use OBRX global...


Is there a way to get rid of the snow?

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3 hours ago, Marcus Nyberg said:



do you have the dynamic lights option unticked in the config tool for ESSA in Orbx central?




Hi Marcus,


The Dyn lights were ticked ...

When i am back at my PC tonight i will make some screenshots so it will be easy to understand.

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2 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:


my guess would be that objectflow is either missing or not working.

Indeed Nick...for some reason Object Flow was not installed ...i recently migrated to P3DV5 and did not use any Airports yet.

Now another issue is when i install Object Flow i cannot get P3D to work :  i have the splash screen, i can see chase plane launching then everythings shuts.

It's frustrating.


As soon as i "switch off" Object Flow P3D works.


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