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Evening Everyone!

I've just installed Orbx TrueEarth Central, South and North for Prepar3d V5. I'm experiencing numerous issues regardin gthis product and cannot find a fix. 
Please can someone help me as i'm desperatly in need of a fix.


I have attatched an Imgur link to show you the issues i am facing and also below is the list of addons that are active during these screenshots:




Global Base Pack

Global Buildings HD

Global TerraFlora V2

Global Trees HD

Global OpenLC Europe

Global OpenLC Mesh South America



TrueEarth Great Britian Libraries

TrueEarth Great Britian North

TrueEarth Great Britian Central

TrueEarth Great Britian South

TrueEarth Netherlands



Orbx - EGGD 

Orbx - EGNT

Orbx - EGPH

Orbx - LDDU

Orbx - LOWI

Orbx - YBBN



//42 737 Immersion V2

//42 Chaseplane

//42 Immersion Manager

//42 Immersive Installer

Global Airport Pack

Orbx Libraries



Orbx ObjectFlow



Black Marble NG

- Base

- Extended lights pack

- Traffic Pack

- Vector


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  • Nick Cooper changed the title to Orbx True Earth major issue



I've got my flightsim (P3DV5) Installed on my D Drive 2tb and the Orbx Central Library is on the C Drive (ssd) 


I have installed the Orbx addons (trueEarth etc) Onto my D Drive where my simulator is located.


Hope this helps



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UPDATE (Apologies for late reply)


Hi Nick,


i've unistalled p3d and Orbx completely, completeld a full re-install of the simulator and Orbx Global and TrueEarth producs which now sit on the C Drive in their normal set up and with an Orbx Library on my D Drive for my airpots.


I stilll recieve the same issue as shown in the pictures after installing Blackmarble Base Night lightning

Additional steps that I have took

I have ran a full sim repair for V5

I have verified all of the TrueEarth, Global etc Files.

I have synced the Simulator 

I have updated my black marble installation


The issue stil persists

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can you clarify what "TrueEarth producs which now sit on the C Drive in their normal set up and with an Orbx Library on my D Drive for my airpots."

tihs means, in particular "normal set up" please.


If nothing has changed, then the simulator is still not seeing your True Earth product.

Is it in an ORBX folder inside your P3D folder or is it in the Orbx Library on your D drive?

In either case, please attach a copy of your scenery.cfg file and the add-ons.cfg file from the same location.


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I am making the assumption that the files you are attaching are the files that are producing the screen shots.

If that is the case, then TEGB Central was not in use by the simulator, as it did not appear in either the scenery.cfg

file or the add-ons.cfg file.


Looking at your present scenery.cfg file, it still will not be working correctly as its 08 component is disabled.

TEGB North and South are the same.

Why would you do that?




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if you enable all parts of the True Earth products and disable the other addon, 

does it not then work?

I had understood that "Black Marble" is night textures, or is it now something else?

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