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active Fly Tampa YSSY Sydney International Airport Crash

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After installing Fly Tampa YSSY International Airport and the update, after about 30 seconds MSFS crashes and shuts down. (no errors or messages appear)


Also noticed ground support vehicles using taxiways.


any suggest would be greatly appreciated.

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welcome to the forums.

On the assumption that you have bought the airport from Orbx:

The best way to troubleshoot is to rename the Community folder,

create a new one and place only the one product into it.

Then see if the problem persists.

There can be many causes of CTDs, even aircraft liveries.

You could also disable the Asobo version of YSSY.

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welcome to the forums.

The Content Manager can be used to add and remove the content.

If one has purchased an addon version of an airport and there is an Asobo hand crafted airport

included in the copy of MSFS, it makes sense to remove the Asobo version.

Using the Content Manager, it is easy to reinstall any component that has been removed.

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Hi all,

I had a major system crash and had to re-install everything. Removed Sydney using Content Manager and re-installed fly tampa Sydney, all working now except for trees in the middle of runways and taxiways

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