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Hi Guys,


can you please tell me step by step how to install this? I spent literaly 3 hours trying to install ESSA into my P3d V4.5. I find it very unfair that I have to spend all this time on the forum, articles, searching for solution. No matter what I do, I do have bluered ground textures in ESSA. P3d clean install twice. Orbx reinstalled twice. I followed all articles with your advices and guides I found here, but nothinkg work. You say to install something somewhere and something else somewhere else... I am lost in it. 


I did:

1. installed objectflow as per your advice above, activated it in P3d, then installed ESSA, activated ESSA in P3D. Essa in the main default library (user/...) and objectflow in C:\Orbx Central Library... not working

so then:

2. installed ESSA into P3d folder and objectflow into C:\Orbx Central Library... not working


And  also tried install first libraries and objectflow and then ESSA and other possible combination.


yes, I did:

- everything as admin

- reinstalled

- restarted

- activated


I dont have one drive installed on my PC.


I admire your work as Xplane 11 user (freshly changed to P3D v4.5), but this is to much troubleshooting for payware product.


Please, dont tell me dont´s but tell me what to do from 0. I will give it one more last chance tommorow.

Thanks a lot


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Posted (edited)

Hey Marcus,


yes, I am turning some setting down in Orbx config tools for ESSA (also I do for ESGG without any problems). I did that also in P3d V5 without any problems, but I was not happy generally with V5 PMDG NGx performance so I uninstalled everything and went for P3d V4.5. I didnt expect that turning some settings down could cause troubles.

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welcome to the forums.

I have split this from the resolved topic.

May I ask, in what way is the airport not working?

Do you mean that is does work, but does not look as Marcus intended

or that it is not there at all in the simulator?

If it is the first, can you show us what you are seeing please?

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Hi Nick,

thanks for reply, it was the same problem, as the original topic, which I was replying on, blurred ground textures in ESSA. I followed all steps which were explained in the topic, but I still have the ground textures blurred. Btw. ESGG from Orbx is running without any problems (no matter if I change some graphic settings for ESGG in Orbx central).


So I would like to know what is the correct way of installing it from begining. Yesterday evening I did clear install of P3d on my SSD, so I want to try it today again.


Thank you

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on the face of it, you have done everything that you should have.

Objectflow must be installed into a Library and that Library must not be inside

any of the folders created by a Windows installation.

You state that you have done that.

The only other thing to check is that "Orbx Objectflow2" appears in your in-game add-ons

list, it is the only objectflow entry and that it is ticked as active.


The installation of the airport itself can be left to Orbx Central and it can be either

inside or outside the P3D v4 folder.

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That is affirmative, Orbx Objectflow2 does appear in my in-game add-ons

list and it is the only objectflow there and it is active.


I was wondering if maybe you could assist me via team viewer and we could see together what is going on.

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Hey again,

Can you make sure dynamic lights are enabled in the ESSA config tool? Does it work then?

Seems like there is a bug when unticking that option where the ground will vanish. Im fixing that this week.

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Posted (edited)

Fantastic, that was the problem. I do turn dynamic lights off normaly because I dont want to loose performance. With dynamic lights ON, the ground textures are visible. I guess once the fix will be ready it will be updated automaticaly, correct? But untill that time I can use dynamic lights ON.

Thanks a lot for you excelent help :)

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