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Overview of the 7 Islands in TE-Canarias for XP11

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Yesterday I made a first flight and posting of the marvelous made scenery via TE-Canary Islands for XP11. Hereby a couple of shots over each of the 7 Islands.


El Hierro (the most western Island):





La Gomera (between El Hierro and Tenerife, in the first shot to see in the background):





Tenerife (in the middle and 2nd largest):





Gran Canaria (the largest and SthEast of Tenerife):





Fuerteventura (between Gran Canaria and Lanzarote to the East):





Lanzarote (the most Eastern and most volcanic meaning sparse on trees and grasses):





La Palma (most northern and most green Island, loved by the hikers, and has in my opinion, the most divers nature):







I visited 3 of the islands: Gran Canaria, Tenerife and last year La Palma where I recognised the hotel that lies between the airport GCLA and capital Santa Cruz

and was at same time me and my wife's last holiday stay before current Covid-19 trouble:


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Wonderful pictures. Thank you
A slight bit of correction though. Gran Canaria (despite its name) is only the third largest. Tenerife is numero uno. And Fuerteventura comes in second. Also I'm afraid Lanzerote is the northernmost even though it is the driest and warmest :-)
I agree with your assessments about the islands though. La Palma is the most diverse with Tenerife a close second.

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