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Airport Elevation issues

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Would you go to the Insertion Point page in Orbx Central and place Airports and Regions under 

UK2000 Stansted Xtreme and open LC under Airports and Regions.

Wait for the blue notification bar to turn green.

Then try FSX again.


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Morning, Nick, I'm back and I still have elevation issues. In a nutshell, I can now explain my issue a little better, and clearer  and I start with an observation I noticed about a month ago...My AEC is not effective as it once was and what I've noticed is that when I open AEC one of the first thing I would see would be the option to select my installed simulator which in my case was (FSX or FSX-SE) to be more specific. I don't see that anymore and I now understand why I continue to receive this alert which says - No installed simulator was found on your system! 'FTX Vector Configurator will now exit!' Does this in anyway narrow down my issue or point to where the exact problem may lie?


Richard Rice

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