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active P3D freezes with Truearth South England

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Approaching GB's coastline about 300NM inbound EGLL, I get more and more frequent freezes until touchdown.

These freezes last 1 min or more each, and I get 10 or 15 freeze sequences. It's completely unfiable. I have to say that I don't experience CTD, only very long and frequent freezes.


I don't get these freezes outbound from EGLL (though loading EGLL after a fresh P3D restart takes 10 minutes at least)


Configuration : P3DV5 latest HF, FSLABS32X, All Orbx products (global, vectors etc), UK2000 EGLL.


If I deinstall Orbx Truearth then it's smooth again.


Any clue on how to fix or tweak this ?



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Hi, also experiencing freezes at EGLL on the ground (but much less frequent than when flying inbound South England)


PS : is it ok to post this kind of request for support here ? Is my account correctly linked to my history of purchases or do I have to fill some forms somewhere with all my purchase proofs ?

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this kind of support question is fine but I have not thought up an answer for you, other

than to suggest that the combination of all of the excellent addons that you are using

may be too much for P3D.

Added to what you have listed, you also have London itself and I wonder if disabling

any one of the addons, including the aircraft, might also reduce the load to a sustainable level.

This is not to criticise any one of the products involved. 

To see a problem such as this appear 300 mn away is unusual and could indicate something

that is not necessarily in the area you suspect.

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Hi Nick

I'll try to isolate the issue by disabling the addons one by one. I was wondering if there was an obvious tweak on P3D configuration aswell (texture resolution, distance to draw etc)

I've followed the excellent pdreset manual for P3Dv5 but maybe I have to investigate more.

Thanks anyway and merry christmas !

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Hi Jean,

Maybe I'm wrong, but your problem reminds me of my own 'early' times of TE sceneries - and the solution, which made them useable for me:

Do you have Acronis True Image installed?

If so - deactivate 'Active Protection'.

That did it for me (Thanks to forum member Micko).



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