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Just made it into Bastia, from RWY 16. Nice approach! When vacating the runway, there are no options to choose from regarding parking... Are all parkings too small to cater the A320? 




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39 minutes ago, Er!k said:

Are all parkings too small to cater the A320? 


Hi Erik,


Thanks for the report. The parkings by the main terminal should be large enough as far as I know.


I tried to replicate this (just taking off and landing) and see the same as you. The strange thing is that, like you, the 'ribbon'  is sending me to A8 where I find ground services awaiting me.

So MSFS seems to know I'm there and knows where it wants to send me - it just doesn't want to tell me :rolleyes:


If I start at A8 in the airbus I get correct taxi instructions to the runways.


I'll try later with different planes - I know I was getting taxi instructions after flights in beta but that may have been in a smaller plane.


All the best,



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3 hours ago, Er!k said:

Thanks for testing John!


No problem. Just wish I'd caught this in beta :-[


Did the same thing in the Daher - got taxi to parking as an option.

Now you're on Corsica well worth taking a GA flight out and back - some great places to explore.

Many years ago I took my (then) young family on a cycle tour around the island and remember pedaling the roads around the airport :)


Will mention the issue on the beta forums.


All the best,



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