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answered ESSA Elevation bug on Bridge Taxiway P3D V5 latest

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the plane jumps on the taxiway shown. The elevation doesn't seem right there!

In this Area only installed Orbx FT Global anf openlc. Vector is uninstalled.

The insert point is set to Randolph AFB.

Could someone please test it.

A friend of mine has the same problem and pointed it out to me.

Thank you.






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  • Raymondo. changed the title to ESSA Elevation bug on Bridge Taxiway P3D V5 latest



That bridge has had so many issues since the original FSX release. There is some sort of bug in the simulator that resets flattens in some occasions, especially if arriving to 19L.

That is clearly not what is happening for you but it is probably somehow connected to the that issue. I havent seen this particular issue earlier but would guess its connected.

We managed to get rid of the most of the flattening issues that only happened on arrival, but there are still some unexplainable behaviours happening in some occasions.

There is nothing more we can do in this matter.

Sorry about that.




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Okay tack för svar. Jag har redan Arlanda i P3D, kanonjobb du gjort där. Blir det samma som den i Orbx till MSFS

eller måste du göra en helt ny för att få det att fungera? När jag ändå är på gång, LEMG Malaga jag tror att Du

gjort den också, kommer den att komma till MSFS? Anyway får önska Dig en God Jul och Gott Nytt år..

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