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I am nearing completion of a massive re-do, re-format, re-install from FSX box to SE, and switching from Megascenery to Orbx. 


I have installed Base, Pacific NW, and Vector. Worked-out conflicts in scenery.cfg, and I think my FSX library order is correct.


This is a shot from the Orbx Darrington 1S2 airport. I ran the Vector auto tool, but no-go. Any suggestions... I hope, I hope, I hope...


Transaction ID: 5ed6c7e59ee70     Intel i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz, 32GB RAM, NVIDIA GEForce GTX 1070, Win10, FSX:SE 

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you appear to have completely disassembled the Orbx Central installation.

It cannot work with the file structure that you have created.

You might be able to improve things by reordering the regions to 5,6,7,8 but

your installation bears no resemblance to anything that Orbx Central can work with.


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If you are referring to the file name changes, they are changed not only in scenery.cfg, but on the hard disk, too; so they do match-up. 


Most sceneries work just fine, but I've found a few with these elevation issues, that probably relate to the incorrect order you reference. I'm assuming you're referencing an incorrect order, anyway.

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according to your scenery.cfg file, you seem to have altered the file structure.

As an example, ORBX\FTX_NA\AIRPORTS\Vernonia_05s is the path recorded,

whereas the actual path should be ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_AA_05S.

Have you changed the file structure itself, or is it just the path to the scenery that is wrong?

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Oh... well, the path seems incorrect, because I added an intermediary folder just to separate cities, landmarks and airports. FSX finds the airports just fine, and most are the typical detailed, beautiful Orbx work product. But, if it messes-up Central, I'm more than willing to re-do. In fact, unless you reply telling me not to do so, I think I'm going to un-install my Orbx scenery and start anew. 


When I have Orbx Central re-install, does it re-install in the preferred order, or do I need to arrange the order myself? Or, after install, do I use that "Insertion" tool?


Also, what do you mean by "regions 5, 6, 7 & 8"? I'm not familiar with regions. Regions within scenery.cfg? (Sorry; I do appreciate your expertise. I'm earnestly trying to learn all this, as I do love the scenery).

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you cannot use Orbx Central because you have renamed all those folders and it will not

recognise them, at least that is how I have understood what you have done.

The regions are made of four parts and must be ordered 5,6,7,8 or they will not work.


You do seem to have ordered the scenery library correctly but at the same time,

once again, if I understand correctly, you seem to have done a great deal of work which

could have been accomplished with a few clicks of the mouse in Orbx Central, which

you cannot now do.

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I'm sorry; I didn't make myself clear. I take your point, and therefore, unless you say not to do so, I will next wholesale un-install my Orbx scenery and re-install it. When I re-install, I will not used either altered paths or altered filenames. I gotcha.


But, what I'm asking is: when I do the re-install, do I just leave the scenery.cfg entries in the order that the Orbx Central installer puts them? Or, after the re-install, do I re-order them in the order as I have done? 


Also, I've read the manual, but I'm still confused about the Insertion tool within Central. After Central installs a given scenery, do I then use that tool?


Finally (sorry; I'm duller than most): I still don't understand the 5,6,7 & 8 order. Are these within scenery.cfg? 

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I think that deleting the Orbx folder and starting again is your best answer.

Orbx Central is able to correctly place and order all your Orbx scenery,

without any need for customer intervention.

If you have no other developer's products, there is no need to visit the 

Insertion Point.

However, before you start, delete your scenery.cfg file and replace it with

the scenery.cfg file that you will find inside your FSX folder.


As Orbx Central installs each product, it adds that product to the scenery.cfg file,

so there is nothing for you to do. 

You should start with Global products, then Regions and finally Airports.

If you decide to run the simulator before you have installed them all, you must install the 

Orbx Libraries before you do.

If you decide to install them all at the same time, you can install the Orbx Libraries at the end.

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Thank you, Nick; you’ve been generous with your time. Just let the Orbx Central installer handle the ordering. Duh. Got it; will do. I had intentionally omitted any other software until I get my Orbx properly configured. But, I somehow still made a mess of it. 


May I ask you, please, to clarify what you meant by the requisite “5, 6, 7 & 8” ordering to which you referred a couple of times  previously? Where is that order found, in scenery.cfg, or where? I don’t know about that... and it would appear from your comments that Its something I need to know about.


Also, in the re-install, I’m going to follow the Orbx suggestion to install FSGlobal 2010 mesh. Should I install that first, then my Orbx sceneries, or does it matter?

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each region is in four parts.

these must be ordered in the scenery library as 5,6,7 and 8, 5 being at the top.

I mentioned it because yours are not in that order in the scenery.cfg file that you attached.

Orbx Central will set all this up for you.

It does not matter where you place mesh, the convention only, is to place it just above the Vector entries.

the Vector entries will also be correctly placed by Orbx Central.

I would advise you to complete your installation of the Orbx products before you add anything else.


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This must be why I'm not a doctor! But, since neither the scenery library in FSX or the scenery.cfg file have any "5, 6, 7, 8" demarcations, how does one know where they are? Sorry for my density.


If I might dare ask one more before I embark on this task: in researching the mesh app FS Global 2010 (as recommended in the Vector readme tile), I found that it has now been supplanted by FS Global 2018. Is there any Orbx do or don't advice on the new product?


Thank you. This has all be so helpful. I'm sorry to be such a pain, but the Orbx scenery does make such a difference in the flight sim experience, and I want to get it right.

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the 2010 version has been tested and used, the 2018 has not.

You can look in your in-game scenery library to see how the regions are arranged but

I would stress that you should leave the task of arranging them to Orbx Central.

This is just an illustration, to show you what to look for.



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