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A few snaps from the Concrete area

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14 minutes ago, flyingleaf said:

Great shots John. Well done. I don't wanna wear concrete shoes though:o.:D

Thanks Karl , TTM from New Jersey probably has heard a lot about concrete overshoes thru the years back there . 

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8 minutes ago, JohnnyJohnJohn said:

Nice sets Brad.  School must be out due to Covid with all the busses parked?

Thanks mate ,  younger kids are in person but older children are all virtual here in Washington. 

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2 hours ago, Wakashi said:

Very imaginative and great shots John!  New construction going on at 3W5, hope it makes it to the next update! :lol:

Thanks Roger , hopefully it will . :rolleyes::P:lol:

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6 minutes ago, wain71 said:

great shots, you need to get the grass cut on the football pitch though...

Thanks Wayne , hopefully snow will come first . :rolleyes::ph34r::lol:

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17 hours ago, bernd1151 said:

Superb, John. I like exploring those little gems too. It's sometimes even more interesting than flying around them :)

Thanks Bernd . 

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