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active Scenery.cfg entry for Buildings/Trees?

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Thank you, Doug. I just downloaded/installed Vector last night. The install did not make any scenery.cfg entries. I un-installed, re-installed, and no errors appeared, but no entries. So, I entered them myself.


But, when in FSX:SE I have Vector selected, I appear at the airport with beautiful buildings all around me, but can't move. If I un-select them in the library, its perfect.


So, I'm into the manual now figuring-out how Vector works. The readme file says something about "FS Global 2010" being required, but I was just searching for it when I noticed your reply.


I'll get there. Puttering comes with FSX  :). Thank you for taking the time to reply.

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we had a conversation about the scenery.cfg file.

I would suspect that Orbx Central is writing to the scenery.cfg file and that FSX  reading the other.

Please check and see which one is being written to by Orbx Central, that one should have the

Vector entries, then check which one FSX is using.

To do that, make a change in the in-game scenery library and then check both files for that change.

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