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Hi Guys, I thought I'd pop this on here becasue I have not had any response on Avsim. I need to be upfront and honest, I have very little interest or ability in electronics, hence why my currrent cockpit is full of pre-built panels. I want to build a new, redesigned generic MIP. However, I no longer want to use the Saitek panels which I already have, and would like to build a switch panel that has some simple switches which gives me functionality for things such as lights, wipers, landing gear etc. I also need to have an option for button pushes for AP reset/AT reset FMC reset etc for the NGX. I'd also like to have a knob to control instrument lighting in the NGX too. But, as I say, I have very, very limited knowledge of electronics and none of building switch panels. From what information I have gleaned from searching online and watching YT videos, it is a pretty straightforward process to wire up the buttons/switches to a board and then a USB to the PC. But I'm sure it really isn't that easy in practice. eg, what board do I need? what rotating switches do I need? What about the connections and different switches? Will they be recognised by FSUIPC or LINDA? I'm sure I'm coming across as a complete dullard, but if someone could point me towards some information that could help, or perhaps offer some personal advice, I'd be extremely grateful. Thanks fellas, appreciated.

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Hello Rockliffe,


If you do not want to build them yourself, check out the GoFlight modules.


I have several and find them excellent and with FSUIPC and or Spad.Next very easy to program.



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Hi Rockliffe,


For all the parts you might want, check out "Cockpit PHD."  They sell buttons and switches, connectors and the I/O interfaces to connect them to the PC.  Once connected each button or switch will be recognized by FSUIPC. No soldering or electronic knowledge is needed for simpler projects; it's all "plug and play." It doesn't matter what switches you use, I didn't care for the big red push button from Cockpit PHD, so I used little white ones from Allelectronics.  I made my own Comm Panel and set up a couple of inputs to use with my VRInsight transponder.  Since I fly on Pilotedge I wanted a switch to turn on 'Mode C" and a button for "Ident." You can see pictures of these and the rest on Tom Tsui's website: FSXtimes. WordPress. com,  go to "cockpits" and scroll down to "Ken (KFRG)-New"  it's about the twelfth one down.  Check out some of the others for ideas, too.


Another source for parts, as well as nice prebuilt panels is Desktop Aviator. 


For very nice, and inexpensive radio, switch and simular panels I just discovered Propwash Simulation.  I just bought two of their radio panels, and have their transponder on order.


Hope this helps.



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Hi Rockcliffe,

It is reasonably straightforward to interface rotary controls (potentiometers or digital) and switches (toggle or rotary) using USB interfaces via FSUIPC and build your own control panels.

Wiring is also easy enough.

My system diagram can be found by searching for SIMPANEL on this site..

Hope this might help you.




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