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To me it’s a memory problem.

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Hi. Been having trouble with blue screens just lately with random things wrong with it and now I do not put my computer to sleep now unless I know that I won’t be using it for a couple of hours. That’s wrong as I do not put my comp to sleep anymore until I’ve finished with it and I just switch it off. But still got the odd blue screen so I took out my new memory and put the old memory back in. It’s just basic speed memory. The old memory was just two sticks of 8gb and the new was 16gb of memory, making 32gb total which I thought would be great for the new 2020 Fltsim. So guess what, my computer has been working with out the blue screens. So it must be one of the sticks of memory that is up the creek. So how can check each stick. Say I just put one stick in and would that be the number 1 slot. Thanks Derek.

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Derek, check it out here: https://www.memtest86.com/


I know you don't like downloading 'things' from the internet, but MEMTEST has been around and in use for decades. Take your time and read the notes/instructions regarding memtest, and be patient with the testing as it can take some time. I would even suggest testing each stick of RAM a few times, as memory is just funky like that. 


Good luck and let us know how it goes.



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Also it may be worth resetting your bios to default in case there are any rogue settings causing an issue. Unlikely but still a potential cause. Also check the contacts on the ram sticks and the ram slots are clean and free from dust etc and try reseating them in place. Also it may be worth trying other slots assuming your motherboard has 4 of them but you will need to use the correct pair of slots to get the benefits of dual channel. 

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