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The Circuit in a Jabiru - Tacoma Narrows Touch and Go (MUCH BETTER RESULTS! YAY!)

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Continuing a long with my transition check rides to this new squirrely little bird.  On the ramp, started and ready to go...





Pulling out to taxi to Runway 17



Taxi to the active





Splendid skies and no winds make this an ideal day for touch and go and transitional hours for my check ride on the Jabiru



Holding Short, Runway 17



Take off!



Turning to the pattern at Tacoma Narrows





Cloud shadows surround us with sunspot in the distance in the scenery



Turning crosswind





View from the flight deck of the Jabiru...



On final



Parked and secured, ready for a flight to Darrington next.



Have a great night all!

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3 minutes ago, adambar said:

Sensational set of shots John, great job! :)


2 minutes ago, lifejogger said:

Super shots.  Looks like you did a good job flying that squirrelly little bird.

Thanks gents!  Yes, it is very squirrely at first John, but glad I got used to it.  Its going to be traveling the Washington scene a bit until it goes down to Burbank. :) 

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6 minutes ago, Wakashi said:

Nothing like trying to bird hunt with a squirrel dog or squirrel hunt with a bird dog, it gets squirrely, but if you have patience and time you can sure get er done! :D:lol:   Very nice set!

Thank you!  I chose this one because I thought it looked cool, but now I'm excited because its squirrely! I want it to be a challenge as well to master!

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