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Overall, the KBUR patch very much improved this Orbx Airport!  Thank you!  However, since the patch, my plane ends up on a different runway than planned.  For example, if I choose Rwy 26, I start at rwy 33.  No matter what I do it is always different...


Any thoughts?

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11 hours ago, bburkley said:

I believe this is an issue with the latest (and very disappointing) MSFS update and not the scenery. I get this issue at multiple different airports right now including KBUR.

this issue was originally reported back in November and a Dev went off to check but still no reply

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Posted (edited)

I too am waiting for a fix for these issues........one, with the runways and two, with the boardering scenery that is non-auto gen..

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I have the same issue:

(1) Wrong RWY, choose 26 but always positioned at RWY 33;

(2) All the photogrammetry buildings around KBUR disappeared.


When Orbx KBUR is removed, everything goes back to normal: RWY is correct and all photogrammetry buildings get back. Orbx, please fix those problems ASAP. Thanks.

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The photogrammetry issue was also reported. The dev is in contact with Asobo as the issue was not evident in previous MSFS versions. To date no reply from Asobo.

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