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active HD Trees (P3Dv5.1 HF1) are too dark from now

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Id like to report that HD trees looks very dark now according me. LM did in the last hotfix something with lighting (at the request of many customers), but in general P3Dv5 has different lighting than earlier versions. What is strange only HD trees look darker, if you take your scenery - trees from addon looks ok. Here examples, sorry for the rain but I fly with real weather only :lol:.


Too dark FTX HD default trees according me, near black (fall trees example):




From addon looks ok (as you can see, from addon they are brown, the rest - default HD Trees are near black still):




maybe HD Trees P3Dv5 needs separate version for current P3Dv5? Brighter version, not like it was for P3Dv4 ect?


Notice: I fly with EA=off.


Fall trees from webstore:



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With EA on, not only can the trees be too dark with the v5.1 HF,  but water as seen from the surface can be so dark that you can't see where you are going. (That's a big problem for seaplane bases.)  The LM guys are aware of these and other issues with EA and I think they consider it an ongoing effort, not to speak for them of course.


I have not found an easy solution using settings within the sim however my AMD video driver allows for custom colors on a per app basis.   On my setup, turning the contrast way down and then turning the brightness up to compensate, adjusting the color temp a bit as well as the hue and saturation gave me a look that almost seems right. Close anyway.



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I'm also using HD Trees + Terra Flora in v5.1 HF1 and not seeing any anomalies with trees, aside from the known blue edges bug. However, I don't use EA because it eats my VRAM. I'm actually quite glad about that as it seems to be causing nothing but trouble.


The lighting has definitely changed in the new HF - for the better. It was too dark before. Since the HF I've been able to turn down the brightness quite a bit and I need to adjust my shader profile in Envshade slightly as it's a bit undersaturated now. I'm using HDR.

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