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answered FTXZZ purple in Lorby Add-on Organiser.

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I've been doing a bit of housekeeping with the Lorby add-on organiser (I install all my add-on aircraft & scenery as XML 'packages' outside the P3D directory and use the Lorby tool to link them), and noticed that something called FTXZZ_OLC_FixedAPT is purple. This apparently means that the path is incorrect, or there is no .bgl file in the folder it's pointing at. My Orbx library is exactly as it installed itself, and I have no intention of fiddling with it! Is this something I should be concerned about? My installation is very stable and rarely crashes, although it does take a while to load a scenario.


I have verified the files for OpenLC NA and NA South Alaska, and that didn't help.

Lorby FTXZZ.jpg

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Although I have that particular scenery item installed in the sim folder, usually a violet colour means part of the expected path is missing.


e.g. mine ends at "\FTX_OLC\FTX_VECTOR_FixedAPT" and within is a "Scenery" folder.


I can get the Lorby tool to display in violet if I rename the Scenery folder within the path and I would gather that's what's happening in your instance, i.e. no Scenery folder.


Although I'm not sure of what a v5 install of Orbx is intended to contain in that path.


What happens if you create a Scenery folder (if one doesn't exist)?


Or maybe an Orbx files verification / sim sync?




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