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3W5 Concrete Municipal Airport for MSFS 2020.

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24 minutes ago, pmb said:

I love these oldies becoming available again.


Kind regards, Michael

You are not alone Michael, great to see Concrete again, it never looked better. I must try to revisit Israel's farm too, not sure how it looks in the new sim.

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Definitely on my wishlist! Oh, does anyone recall which airport (Concrete or Darrington) has the tunnel under a building at the side of the airport?

Oh, and to BrianV - Istrael's Farm in msfs is just "ish" - the grass strip is there, but not really as attractive as Orbx. 

...and how about some more open ended barns please. Remember the one to the right of the river flying from Israel's to Concrete?




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You are correct. I have driven through that tunnel.


Sometimes when you have only experienced an airport in one of the sims, seeing the real thing can be a bit of a disappointment because all of the little bits that you imagine, aren't really the way you made them in your mind. Plus, developers often 'clean up' and make things nicer, and more pleasant than they are in real life. However, Andreas did a really nice job reproducing Concrete. It is great as produced, but it is a neat airport in real life as well.

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