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resolved Orbx Global and LandClass Europe causing problems with default P3D5.1 Airports

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I have noticed there's an issue when you install Orbx  Liberies, Orbx global and LandClass Europe into P3D 5.1 , that some default Terminal Buildings get removed or edited... here are two screenshots of LFPO ... one is without Orbx installed and the other is with the above installed ... as you can see the picture on the left looks fine without Orbx  but with Orbx installed the Terminal looks odd with Jetways all over the place






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12 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:


I did once see duplicate buildings but now I cannot replicate that.

I have all the installed Orbx products in an Orbx Central Library for P3D v5.

OK thanks, i don't suppose you could get me a screenshot of what your default LFPO looks like please.... i don't have any other scenery for that in 5.1  and it always displays wrong once i install Europe LandClass, IM at a loss on what could cause it :(....could it somehow be using linking to P3D 4.5 in some odd way? 

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10 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:


P3D v5.1, with and without open LC Europe.



I think ive have found the reason and it is Land class Europe .... i reinstalled all my Orbx stuff via a library  and i had a look through the files .. in the Global openLC Europe folder is a scenery folder , inside that is three folders 601 602 and 701… Inside 601 is a file called OBX48140 , this file is the one causing the issues as it also covers LFPO terminal buildings but is a much smaller size and dated 08/01/15  so im guessing  on my install this conflict's with v5.1s file of the same name as LFPO has had an upgrade in the latest version of P3D5.1 with new terminals ... i will try and disable/rename  this file and check to be sure so if it is this file then Orbx may need to update this file and the ones in 602 and 701  in newer OLC EU versions.

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I agree that the product replaces those files and I also wonder why I did not see the anomalies.

In fact, I tried removing them as a first step towards solving your problem but did not see a change.

I will pass this on to the developer.

Many thanks.

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a similar issue is happening at the nearby LFPV airport : buildings on the (old and decommissioned) runway, buildings on taxiways/parking, and collision of buildings... See the screenshot. It looks like openLC Europe needs a refresh with respect to the airports that have been updated in P3DV5...


That's with Orbx Base+Vector+OpenLC Europe, in P3DV5.1HF1


Issue solved with the same temporary fix as above  : delete/rename the file

Orbx Library\p3dv5\Global openLC Europe\Scenery\0601\scenery\OBX48140.BGL


The question is, what else and unwanted does deleting this file?










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