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answered Duplicate CV-41s and other objects in KSAN when running with TrueEarth SoCal

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Hello, I'm running KSAN with TrueEarth SoCal. I have some duplicate objects in the area now. The rather nice CV-41 in KSAN has a boxy fake looking one (looks a lot like the fake carrier the Iranians made from barges to blow up!) sitting under it. Have spotted other duplicate items such as 2 control towers at KSAN. Prior to installing TrueEarth, I had been running the Socal Region with KSAN and had the same effect but with a generic Nimitz type carrier parked under CV-41. I've read some articles explaining how to remove a .bgl from the Socal Region to remove the Nimitz, but need directions to remove the "boxy" CV41... Suggestions??

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Hi Stewart, I saw that previosly, but that fix seems to be specific to the scenario of running KSAN over the old SoCAL region. The fix shown would not work for True Earth SoCal.... It's going to be a similar but different fix I would imagine. Would also like to remove some of the duplicate buildings. Have tried prioritizing KSAN over True Earth Socal, but no change. 



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Hi Nick, I'm not sure what you mean by "Control Panel". In Orbx Central, I have TrueEarth Southern California enabled, and KSAN enabled. I have NA Southern California uninstalled, which I did when I installed TrueEarth Socal. Are you referring to the "Configure" section for KSAN? The OpenLC North America product only seems to allow for "Road Skirting" in it's "Configure" section.

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