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active Blurred/slow loading TEGB with V5.1

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Just wondered if anyone else is seeing slow loading sharp textures with TEGB since installing v5.1.  Using similar settings etc I am getting 'blurries' when before v5.1 I had none/very little.  For example flying over Isle of Sheppey and down to Capel-le-ferne there was very noticeable resolution popping going on as tiles around the aircraft suddenly sharpened up.


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Yes I too have this exact same problem. TEGB especially slow loading sharp textures . Also apart from that there is also freezing or micro stutters constantly when panning around to see the views. This was not present in p3d v5.0. But it has been introduced in v5.1. I too can concur with what you have written.

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For me "display freezes at regular interval when looking around or flying around. These pauses could be a fraction of a second or longer up to 10 seconds. In the latter case the whole sim seem to be hanged up for a short while." 


Here are the things I tried and to an extent has mitigated the issue (please note to an extent only but not completely though). I could be wrong  but just trying to help incase this works for you.


1. I have tried this solution mentioned in the P3D forums: http://prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=138374&start=15

    The solution mentioned in where you need to download Rivatuner Statistics server v 7.2.3 and set it up.  

    All the steps to setup the Rivatuner and setup are mentioned along with the screenshot. This somehow seems to help.

   Please also make sure you follow the advise at the last which states "Make sure the switch is set to "start with windows". Then restart the PC. Start p3D, set it to "unlocked fps" and have a perfectly smooth sim, of course only if the settings aren't set in a way that cause stutter in anyway"


2. The second thing I tried is "I somehow reduced my stuttering problems by turning off all of the roads/railroads/etc in Orbx Vector. Most of the rest of the Vector features are disabled"


3. I reduced my Autogen Vegetation Density and Autogen Building Density down by one notch.


Hope this helps someone and if anyone could try the same and give some feedback it would be great!

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