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Another interesting destination.

The promo shots, via their use of SoFly & Drone OOF, & their composition structure & inventiveness,

suggest the imprint of Filou.:)

Gaya Florence to Orbx LIEO would be a nice flight.


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Given that KBUR is still INOP ( topic also  lock down, why?) with no update for weeks/month+, I will wait to see feed back before buying this. 

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WOW this is big news. I had this airport for Prepar3D and was so happy with how it was done. So happy that I took a screenshot of it and used it as Windows wallpaper for several months. It was done so good that I could just spawn at the airport and use chaseplane to walk/fly around it for hours. I just couldn't get enough of it. Really glad that now we are gonna get to enjoy the "real deal" version of this airport, thanks to the infinitely superior base/core technology of MSFS 2020. Thank you Maestro Matteo for this gift, and thank you everyone at Microsoft and Asobo for giving us MSFS 2020!


Now here's a humble request to Orbx, please do this airport for MSFS: https://orbxdirect.com/product/lybe you have already done this for Prepar3D so shouldn't be hard.


Also do EGGP and landmarks for it.


Here's where I was showcasing my Olbia airport wallpaper a year ago: 


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