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active 1S2 Darrington Mun - have HD Buildings but only get the roofs

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Have recently purchased 1S2 Darrington Mun airport and have noted the following.


I run TerraFlora 2 and HD Buildings and they are great addons that make a big difference to the look and feel


However at 1S2 the autogen buildings have only HD roofs and the truly awful default building shells.


I saw this at various other Orbx airports but only after an update to the airport had been issued, e.g. the last update to 11S and the areas it includes had the HD buildings replaced with the awful default shells (but with HD roofs). For myself I resolved by rolling back the changed autogen files as I had backups.


However I have no backups for this airport.


Cannot we at least have an option to use HD buildings fully?

I mean TerraFlora 2 manages to replace practically every piece of autogen vegetation without issue.


Pic to show what I see.


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