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active 1S2 Darrington Mun Object Flow issues ?

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Recently purchased 1S2 and am having what appears to be Object Flow airport loading related issues.


  • If I start my flight from 1S2, no dramas everything around 1S2 loads fine.
  • If I start my flight at a different airport and end at 1S2 the airport doesn't load or doesn't load fully.


Running P3D v4.5.14 where this is the only unusual issue I'm aware of atm.


Object Flow is installed into a library (H:\Addons_P3D\04.Scenery\Orbx\Global\p3dv4\Orbx ObjectFlow) and for the most part appears to function Ok.


Not running out of memory, CPU and GPU use are not topping out, I'm vlocked @ 30 fps and am able to maintain it, no errors being recorded in ContentErrors.txt, (I should say no 1S2 related errors that I can see are recorded in the ContentErrors.txt file as ContentErrors.txt is aways filling with errors, it's like almost no developer ever checks what their addins generate).


The pics below show what is occuring.


When 1S2 is loaded as the departure airport everything loads up fine.



When I've flown in from a different airport e.g. from 3W5 Concrete to 1S2 Darrington, Darrington is devoid of objects in the most part.



And here is another instance where nothing around 1S2 loaded.



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