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This utility sounds like what I need for setting up various scenarios and then executing FSX ready to go. I admit I am apparently late to the dance as I happened across an old thread that referred to the program, however it no longer seems to be available. Was it dropped or does Orbx have a replacement?

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Hi Ed,


FSX Go has not been around for years.  I used to have it, and despite being a file hoarder, I don't even have a copy of it on my PC anymore.  It has been a while :).  Unless I'm mistaken, Orbx does not currently have a program that does what you are looking to do.  There is another program available called "Sim Starter".  I don't actually use it myself, but it seems to be fairly popular.



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I never used FSXGo, nor can I remember what exactly it did (was a while ago...lol) but, I am a SimStarter user and have been using that program for a few years, so I can definitely recommend it if you are looking at it. 

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