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active Missing/wrong layered airport textures

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So on every default airport runway, the centerline markings are missing, threshold markings missing, runway numbers are partially displayed but still have tire skidmarks, and other textures as you can see from the picture. Also, the grass texture comes in patchy next to the runway. This doesn't happen in prepar3d v4. I'm not using external texture program. All Orbx though, Base, Vector, basically all the open LCs. I'm thinking something is not layered right in scenery libraries. 




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So I've done a lot of troubleshooting. I even was on the Envtex forums thinking that could be it but I now have Envtex removed and I still have the problem with the missing runway markings (unless there's some residual effects even with that product removed) 


I double checked my Orbx Central and verified some files just to be sure. I don't know what it could be as I have an identical copy basically with prepar3d v4 and it doesn't have this problem and never did. 

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So revisiting this problem, It's got to be a layering problem. Something with default runway markings layer incorrectly, my Orbx insertion points seem to be correct but something else is wrong. We never talked about the "add-on" tab in prepar3d's settings. Could this be a cause?



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