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MSFS LIRQ - Period of stutters that come and go

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I installed LIRQ tonight and seem to be getting periods when it's very stuttery then eases up for a while. I've noticed that the GPU is throttling back when the stutters occur to around 65-75%. CPU is 35-40% and RAM around 12Gb (got 32Gb installed). I'm running a 1070ti. When I'm over London with Orbx London City and Landmark pack, it runs fine and the GPU sits consistently on 95-100%.


Any ideas what could be causing the GPU to throttle back? 


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  • woody71 changed the title to MSFS LIRQ - Period of stutters that come and go

I seem to of found the issue here. I removed the 'Static'bgl' file which appears to be the static aircraft and it's running well now. I suspected these were the framerate killers and suspect the same for Kos too. Constantly 98%+ usage on the GPU and very smooth

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Another issue may of been GPU temps. After flying round for 15 minutes or so earlier, the stutters came back. I installed MSI afterburner and tweaked the fan speeds above 70 degrees and fingers crossed, not had any stutters since. I suspect the Static bgl file just eased the load a bit

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