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Much more convincing that the P3D version...

Bush flying over small norwegian airports/fields is my favorite sport.

Anyway, must have ! and i like the words "on short finals" ;)

Dom Mason



euh Oh Oh!

And the introducing shot is about the DA62 ! Perfect !

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Every thing looks great. Fantastic shots. I have only one request. The trees. I think it's default MSFS trees. Nothing to do with Orbx. I love the trees in terraflora. I feel they look vastly superior. Orbx if you can develop a package similar to terraflora for MSFS it would completely change the already great sim to another level.

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Very nicely created with an interesting selection of shots for an airfield with a lot going for it.

I looked up the runway length online & it was given as 4,570'

I am curious whether that includes the designated road, (feature shot), or you get 4,570' beyond the marker 'bricks' & ropes?

Its Scandinavia, its another MB:)



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As per the Google Maps screenshot below, 4,567.59 ft is the length of the entire runway.  The southeastern pasrt of the runway has only a length 2,492.48 ft.



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