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I downloaded above after purchase , it in my community folder OK, and is I must say stunning scenery, however each time in Orbx I try to open the user manual it says couldn't find a user guide  ERROR?


In addition in MSFS 2020 its not showing as "OWNED" in my products or on the marketplace menu?




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Morning Nick

i purchased from the Orbx store not the market place, the user guide is offered from Orbx store after and during the download phase? The link you provided says nothing about the user guides, I have yesterday purchased EGLC and EGLC scenery scape no user guide will open either with them also purchased from Orbx store? 



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Hello Charlie,

I am guessing that you did not click on the link that I posted for you.

Basically, if you buy from Orbx then you will not see that product as owned in the Marketplace.

This is because the two systems are entirely separate.
I can find no User Guide for EGNM.

There is certainly no control panel to configure it with.

As far as I am aware there are no user guides for any of

the MSFS products, so far.

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OK Fair enough I was confused as with P3D downloads in MSFS after successful D/L the splash screen offers the user guide, I get it ref "owned" on Marketplace in MSFS -Thanks for clarification.


I get no user guide error as well on the two other Orbx products I downloaded yesterday - So that is normal as we stand today.



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