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Announcing Weather Preset Pro for Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Experience torrential tropical storms, harsh hurricanes and brutal blizzards all with the click of a button thanks to Weather Preset Pro. Weather Preset Pro goes beyond what is possible with the built-in tools to provide 40 brand-new weather presets to Microsoft Flight Simulator.


Weather Preset Pro is the perfect way to try out challenging conditions anywhere in the world. Land at difficult airports in zero visibility or test our your skills with gusty winds sweeping your aircraft from side-to-side.


Content creators will be able to also quickly jump between stunning clear skies to towering storms for those incredible cinematic shots. So whether you’re looking to experience the crisp morning dew air or battle through terrifying sandstorms, Weather Preset will enable you to let your imagination run wild. 


Coming soon to Orbx.


Price: $8.99AUD (Approximately: £4.99 / €5.49 / $6.95)


Find out even more: https://sofly.io/weather-preset-pro





  • Over 40 presets covering a range of exciting weather types
  • Custom made presets that go beyond the built-in system
  • Create exciting scenes directly in the simulator without the need for an additional UI
  • Simple installation using a dynamic installer
  • A 20-page manual covering all variations and an introduction to METARs


Presets Included:


  • Challenging weather presets
    • Sandstorms
    • Zero Visibility
    • Hurricane conditions
    • Tropical storms
  • Stunning cloud presets
    • High-level clouds
    • Overcast
    • Big and Bold
  • Tropical paradise presets
    • Blazing Sunshine
    • Calm Winds
    • Humid Storms
  • Snow and ice presets
    • Snow Flurry
    • Arctic Chill
    • Blizzards
  • ...and many more!


Here are a collection of example presets included with Weather Preset Pro:















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    This looks nice

    I still would like an automatic weather theme that goes from clear sky and spoils to major storm and then rolls back to clear skies, a unique set that does it all



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    2 hours ago, Araxxos said:

    Is this compatible with the live weather?

    Live weather overwrites any preset, even the ones the sim brings.

    When you put it in live weather everything is set by the sim

    I think this option or Rex are independent tools....




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    14 hours ago, onlyforbrian said:

    Very reasonably priced, count me in when it's released on Orbx. Are you adding it to the MSFS marketplace or do we buy direct from you on my Orbx control panel?


    Via OrbxDirect for now as we don't have developer access to the Marketplace. If that changes, we'll announce it ahead of time. 

    Thanks for the comment and interest!

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    18 hours ago, Araxxos said:

    Is this compatible with the live weather?

    Not compatible with live weather as these are presets.


    Hope that helps.

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    We're pleased to announce that Weather Preset Pro is due to release on Wednesday, 7th October 2020. 


    Providing no last minute hiccups occur, you should be able to get these presets in your sim starting tomorrow!



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