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a plane repaint for msfs - c152 classic brown - and its flight over Darrington area

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Happy to present a new C152 livery for msfs2020 - which is absolutely great !   


This repaint will be uploaded at avsim.com  nextly

(PS this new repaint has been made with Gimp from the repaint TEXTURE.N48270 by Tom "FlyingsCool" Perry : I modified the color to brown and put stickers on :) )


So this is its new short flight over Darrington :)


(I had trouble with the new uploading process with imgur ... no more preview :( and not shots - I had to put them as attachments ...)

Microsoft Flight Simulator 21_09_2020 00_40_47_1.jpg

Microsoft Flight Simulator 21_09_2020 00_52_15_1.jpg

Microsoft Flight Simulator 21_09_2020 00_55_21_1.jpg

Microsoft Flight Simulator 21_09_2020 00_56_01_1.jpg

Microsoft Flight Simulator 21_09_2020 00_57_58_1.jpg

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what's was wrong in my upload ????? I followed the Nick & Rodger process but not rightly :blink:???>:(  using copy image location from imgur ... and finally I had only links but no pictures ...

... and the only way was finally to put the pictures as attachment in Drag Files ... with limit to 8Mb = 5 pictures >:(






Microsoft Flight Simulator 21_09_2020 00_14_47.png


( a more sunny place ... )

Edited by jean marc
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20 hours ago, BradB said:

Wow - fantastic paint and shots Jean Marc !!

thank you very much John - easy great shots with the great new msfs B)


20 hours ago, Rodsmajor said:

Beautiful shots! I really liked this new paint! 

many thanks Major O0 I really liked too :P


18 hours ago, flyingleaf said:

Beautiful job Jean Marc. Well done. Have the same problem posting pics.:D

Happy you liked :) ... and to share the problem with imgur <_< :P


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16 hours ago, Adam Banks said:

Great pics and a great looking livery! Looking forward to its release!

Thanks Adam !! :)  Upload as soon as time to do it :)


16 hours ago, olderndirt said:

Nicely done - been using 'Post Image' for years - never a falter.

thanks OND - same as you upto yesterday and the new uploading process ... maybe just a badluck -_- :)



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14 hours ago, Wakashi said:

Nicely done on the paint scheme and the posted pics (sorry you had trouble)!  :D:-[

Jean Marc, would you accept an IM from me?

thank you Roger :) Sure ... but not sure about the IM meaning : is it the registration code N22168 to change ? 

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15 hours ago, adambar said:

I like the paint Jean Marc, great job. :)

thank you Adam - happy you liked the repaint :) 




Upload done last night on avsim.com library : the file should be available very soon ...

(they take 1 or 2 days to check & put the file on the web...) O0

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