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EGTB (above, and on approach)

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Lovely bit of scenery this. And the grass in the sim looks so good I want to roll around in it





Hmm, that looks like a handy place to live if you're a wing-nut





Well, the second part of the title says "on approach", so here we go . . .



























I'm beginning to find that although the photogrammetry areas in MSFS are very impressive from a thousand or so feet up, they are also a bit frustrating. Because they look so good I always want to get the drone camera and go down and explore them more closely - at which point they can turn really ugly. Whereas top quality modelling like this can take all sorts of close up exploration. Hopefully either the photogrammetry will improve over time or developers will still produce modelled replacements (a la Sydney citscape that I'm eagerly awaiting)


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3 hours ago, Pilot Plus said:

Some great looking shots there Andy!


We love seeing users explore tucked away areas of the Air Park!

Hey - great looking scenery, and now we've got the drone camera to play with it's open season for exploring. Looking forward to seeing fully furnished interiors in these terraces in future releases <grin>


15 minutes ago, Wakashi said:

“What A Day For A Daydream”, and fall on my face on somebody’s new mowed lawn! :D  Great shots Andy!

Cheers Roger, and thanks for the comment. That's one of my favourite '60s sounds from one of my favourite '60s bands, and yet I'd never registered that was the line - "fall on my face", I'd always heard it as "follow my face". Which of course makes no sense, but when you're 15 years old it doesn't need to make sense, just sound good. And once it's in your head, it tends to stick. I can't tell you how many discoveries I made about Dylan lyrics in later years, once I got a decent hi-fi. Mind you, hearing the words correctly there doesn't necessarily aid understanding <grin> Like the (other) song says - "s'cuse me while I kiss this guy". I think.

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29 minutes ago, andy1252 said:

Like the (other) song says - "s'cuse me while I kiss this guy". I think.

Or, There's a Bathroom on the Right vs: There's a Bad Moon on the Rise! :wacko::lol:

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21 hours ago, Wakashi said:

Or, There's a Bathroom on the Right vs: There's a Bad Moon on the Rise! :wacko::lol:

Hey Roger, I fell a whole new thread coming on!


20 hours ago, BradB said:

It's called a lawn mower .............:rolleyes::o:lol:

Yeah, it could do with one. But they don't have helis yet.


15 hours ago, adambar said:

Fantastic shots Andy. :)

Cheers Adam


7 hours ago, wain71 said:

superb shots....

Thanks Wayne


24 minutes ago, Christopher Low said:

Is there a reason why the central row of houses in screenshots #3 and #5 are not rendered in 3D? I only ask because everything else around them appears to be beautifully modelled.

No idea Christopher. In fact I hadn't noticed till your post. Maybe ask the devs?

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