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answered Identification of origin of landclass/waterclass error - Help requested

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Products:  FTX EU Scotland, FTX Global openLC Europe, FTX EU England, TrueEarth GB North, Global Vector - Prepar3D v5, TrueEarth GB Central


For the past month or so I have been working with another Developer to identify the cause of a display error on my Prepar3D V5 (HF2) setup. His product requires the scenery and texture folders in FTX_EU_!GBN_08_CUSTOM and FTX_EU_!GBC_08_CUSTOM to be turned OFF to disable the Orbx Vector Data files. In each case, 2 dummy folders (scenery and texture) are substituted and each contains an empty text file named 'Do_Not_Remove.txt'. This process is designed to allow the substitution of the Developer's own Vector data without any conflicts. Apparently his setup has remained free of these display errors throughout our attempts to troubleshoot this issue. He maintains that the problem must be at my end and, until recently, I had no reason to doubt it.


I have verified and reinstalled all the relevant Orbx products listed above. Insertion points have been checked repeatedly and have never change from their default settings, the simulator has been resynchronised repeatedly, scenery.cfg, scenery_add-ons.xml, add-ons.cfg and terrain.cfg have been rebuilt many times and all Orbx products (Installed into a single external Library) have been rediscovered correctly and without issue. Fresh rebuilds of the indexes in SceneryIndexes_x64 have been triggered repeatedly during this process. Unfortunately all without the desired result. Otherwise the sim continues to perform well without any instabilities or crashes. However, Prepar3D v5 has been repaired once in an attempt to eliminate the sim itself as being the root cause. The problem remains and I have been advised not to reinstall his product until this matter is resolved. The ball is now in my court to do with as I will.


There has been one finding which is not clear to me. When I generate a list.txt in S:\Orbx Library\ by using the command dir * /B /S>list.txt in the Command window I encounter 

 127   ' .bgl.disabled-by-'   instances in this file.


Now, for a few images to help explain what this is all about!


Near EGPH over the Firth of Forth looking West toward the 3 Bridges - Everything ACTIVE



Top-Down View



Zoom Out - same view



Scenery and Texture folders DISABLED in FTX_EU_!GBN_08_CUSTOM .........(BEFORE INSTALLATION of TrueEarth GB Central)





Scenery and Texture folders RE-ENABLED in FTX_EU_!GBN_08_CUSTOM)






TrueEarth GB Central INSTALLED



Scenery and Texture folders DISABLED in FTX_EU_!GBC_08_CUSTOM





Unfortunately, I find myself caught in the middle and wish to do nothing that could potentally give rise to disputes between two highly respected development teams. All I want (short of a complete reinstall which I cannot convince myself would help) is to be able to resolve this issue and, having exhausted the other avenue, feel that the time has come for me to approach Orbx for some help and guidance. It seems sensible to do so as somehow it would appear that your products are implicated. Is the other Developer correct in his assertion that these assumed to be waterways should not be displaying as they are above in my images from the sim?


Many thanks in anticipation.


If you require me to upload any other files for examination, then please let me know. I will leave the sim in its current state meantime.


Best regards,



EDIT: I note my images are not displaying for some reason.

All images are attached in a zip archive below.

Hopefully the relationship to the text above should be clear. If not then please let me know.








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Hello Mike,

I have repaired your links. Hopefully I have maintained the correct order.

BBCode no longer works in these forums, so I have replaced them all with Direct Links.

This is how to obtain the Direct link at imgur, right click on the image to see the menu.




This is the link that is created: https://i.imgur.com/WCgmCKc.jpg


and when that link is copied into a post, the forum automatically embeds it:






Through all the detail that you have supplied, I am at the moment seeing only problems caused by disabling

parts of the Orbx product.

I may have missed it but I do not see anywhere the name of the product that you are trying to make work with Orbx TEGB

or indeed the problem caused by the conflict between the product itself and TEGB.




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Hi Nick,


Many thanks for your help with those images, I appreciate it!

However, in the interests of greater clarity, could you either delete the line ‘Scenery and Texture folders RE-ENABLED in FTX_EU_!GBN_08_CUSTOM’ OR reposition it below the image it is currently sitting above (4th image from bottom of my post). Thank you.


I did not mention the name of the Developer in the hope that you would be able to guess his identity. That way we could avoid any unnecessary public embarrassment if he is proved to be wrong about this. From your response, it would appear that that indeed might prove to be the case. To be fair, he invested a great deal of time and worked very hard with me over several weeks to resolve this issue, as he saw it. 


To be clear, are you saying that if you were to disable those scenery and texture folders in FTX_EU_!GBN_08_CUSTOM and FTX_EU_!GBC_08_CUSTOM then you would achieve the same results as displayed in my images? By that I mean are you confirming that you would see those same black tiles arranged in the shapes of waterways spread throughout those two regions? If so, then that’s all I really need to know: that in fact there is nothing fundamentally wrong with my installation.


The problem is that he does not see these black tiles and remains adamant that his is the expected and correct result and is required for his product to display properly. 


This all came about when I installed his product (which worked fine in Prepar3D v4.5) in Prepar3D v5 (HF2). There was a layering issue covering the UK and only resolved when his product was eventually uninstalled. Part of the troubleshoot then included the manual disabling of those scenery and texture folders as if his product was in fact installed, whereupon this secondary issue appeared on my setup, but not with his installation which continues to form the stable basis for his product development. My experience appears to have been an isolated example which makes it all the more frustrating when a ‘solution’ continues to evade us.


Could it be that we have been chasing phantoms all along and there was never a problem in the first place other than that aforementioned layering issue?




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 Hi Mike,


FYI, the 08_CUSTOM folders in the TE series contain the photoreal ground textures, not any vector data! The vector files are contained in the _06_CVX folders.


I'm not sure why you'd want to deactivate the photoreal ground, which is the primary feature of the TrueEarth series. TE is not meant to be a vector/landclass-based add-on and thus the vector files that are included are specifically there to support the photoreal and terrain mesh base and probably look "odd" on their own.


Those "fat" streams are in the "CVX_FTX_EU_{...}_bg_water.BGL" files and are required to have the watermasking of the photoreal textures work correctly. However, if you're deactivating the photoreal textures then you can also deactivate that file. 


Cheers, Holger



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Hi Holger,


5 hours ago, Holger Sandmann said:

FYI, the 08_CUSTOM folders in the TE series contain the photoreal ground textures, not any vector data! The vector files are contained in the _06_CVX folders.


Yes, this is confirmed by the first 6 images in my original post. To me this seemed to be less than ideal (to put it mildly!) and I did bring it up with the Developer in question. It would involve me having to make manual changes to restore those scenery and texture folders each time I wanted to enjoy daytime flights over photoreal Now I’m starting to wonder whether this was all down to a simple oversight and, instead, we should have been working with those CVX folders? 


I think I may need to discuss this further with the Developer in question as I had the impression that he too was working with those 08_CUSTOM folders and yet his posted images appeared to support his case by not showing those “fat” streams on his setup. This could be awkward!


Thank you very much for your input. Those early days of flight simming, when we last exchanged posts, now seem to be but a distant memory. How things have changed, and also it’s great to know that Orbx are now enjoying the benefits of your supreme talents.


Best regards,


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