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MSFS - Wycombe - A Couple More

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After wrestling my way into Microsoft Marketplace & having the 1st two attempts at purchasing the Carenado M20R bounced out, I did a bit of research & found that a 'fix' was to NOT start MSFS in Administrator mode.

Once installed, I did a quick flight out of Wycombe & then closed MSFS down.

I then went to start MSFS again to figure out the M20  AP & other controls only to find that Microsoft Gaming Services has taken over my PC for a download that so far has taken 3 hours!:banghead:










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Great shots, TTM. On Friday I kept more than one hour to compete a 1Gb download which was interrupted dozens of times... 

I found a fix that worked for me: enabling unlimited internet connection speed, and deleting the cache. 

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7 hours ago, Luquinhas said:

I got sad after trying the Mooney it is heavy to my computer, lots of stuttering and lags, impossible to enjoy the flight! Was not expecting this.

Nice shots by the way! :D


I found it easy to fly. Suggest you ease back some of your MSFS Graphics settings.

Put Terrain LOD about 80 if it is above that.

If you get it going & are using Autopilot, you may find the Avionics shut down after awhile, however on other Forums the finger is being pointed at MSFS for this bug.


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