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answered 77S: is it supposed to look like this?

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hello everyone,


i noticed some significant differences when looking at my ground textures as compared to the advertising pictures provided by Orbx (picture "77s Orbx ad"). now, before i scratch my head looking for a solution (actually i already did without success), when in fact there isn't one, i'd like to know what kind of results you guys are getting at hobby field. 


so: are my settings wrong or does everybody get these blurry textures as shown in the picture "77s blurry" ?

(config file attached, in case someone wants to take a look at the settings i am using.)


many thanks! 

77s orbx ad .JPG

77s blurry.JPG


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Hi there,


assuming you have all the ground texture resolutions set to maximum, the difference appears to be in the generic "grass" texture overlay your are using; there are many different replacements for this "detail1.bmp" file. See https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/150219-blurry-ground/?do=findComment&comment=1356209


Cheers, Holger


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Yes the default ground textures leave a lot to be desired.


I hope Nick doesn't get upset but I'm going to mention non-Orbx products because moving forward Orbx doesn't have products in this texture category.


REX Texture Direct can help in that regard (grass and other textures), I have the enhanced with soft clouds package and it's really great for replacing and enhancing the texture defaults, plus you can download other peoples "themes" of textures they have published.


That said and while I love all the enhancements it offers for both default and Orbx scenery, its grass textures I feel are somewhat lacking.


Enter a freebee from Drzewiecki Design, a fantastic little package for HD grass and one I've been using for years to enhance Orbx and default scenery.


Note the website has been revamped, but not the link below (so it looks a mess), however the download still works (it's a dropbox download).





New Zealand North Island - Wrights Vineyard (N635), this is the Orbx New Zealand North Island community additional airports addon which adds a lot of these type of farm strips to the default Orbx package.





A spot in the valley of LOWI airport area where I just had to land in the street and check out the scenery.

Notice how the grass texture overlays on the road, this happens with all grass textures, although a small price to pay I think for the overall improvement.




Cheers QA


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thanks a lot, guys! that is good to hear, and i am relieved that i don't need to dig into what caused what!


@Holger, affirm, texture settings were 7cm / 4096 / high resultion textures checked.


@Quantum Amiga, thanks for the detailed instructions.


i did a little research concerning detail1.bmp replacement textures, and turns out a tool called "FTX aero" was once provided and then removed again due to compatibility issues, see here:




funny thing though: i can find it on my current install. i suppose the tool is only here for legacy versions of the sim, and shouldn't be used with p3d4, but i could use the included textures to manually replace the default detail1.bmp ?




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