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I'm using Aerosoft Aspen in P3Dv4.5 When I choose Go to Airport/KASE and it loads the airport my plane is at least a hundred feet above ground. Ctrl-Z shows the planes elevation correct according to Aspen charts and slewing down doesn't move the plane. I'm also using Orbx Global Vector and I ran the elevation correction tool. The only way I could correct the problem is by re-installing Aspen but when I turn off and restart my computer the problem is back again.  Apparently all my Colorado payware airports have elevation issues; KASE, KDEN, KEGE, KTEX. At Telluride the plane was underground. Disabling them and then re-enabling them put the plane back on the ground. I notice that FTX OLC America is at the top of the Scenery Library under World Scenery but at the bottom of the Addons Library. My Orbx airports are not add-on.xml but FlightBeam Denver is but still had an elevation issue. Would dropping down Orbx OpenLC with Addon Organizer solve the problem?


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Hi Jerry


Please post a copy of your “scenery.cfg” file and the “add-ons.cfg” and the “scenery_add-ons.xml” file found at C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4.

Please note: Do not open the files and copy and paste the contents, just attach the files.

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You must have Aspen Extended Altitude / Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Aspen Extended\Aspen Extended Altitude, placed in the next slot above the Default Terrain in your scenery.cfg library.

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looking at your add-ons.cfg file, you appear to have three Orbx Central Libraries.

I am assuming that as one of them has no discovery path, you have added its entries yourself?

Could you show a screen shot of your in-game scenery library to include where Vector

and openLC are please.

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I think I figured it out. Several of my Orbx sceneries were duplicated in scenery.cfg and addon.xml.  Also several scenery entries had no drive letter assigned including Aspen elevation.  Anyway, it seems to all be working now but I will have to check everything tomorrow when I have more time.


Thx, Jerry



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