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answered KORS Ground Textures !

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Thank you Nick !

I tried and i get this  :  This imgur.com page can’t be found


Just to make sure that i understood well , All four share Options from imgur are Not Working ?


P.s. I tried from Chrome and it does not work !

       I tried from Internet explorer and it worked but i am unable to Upload an image :(



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no, none of the imgur links work in this forum, which is why I amended the

pinned topic.

To make your images display, I edited the link to remove the BBCode.

I then pasted the code back, selecting Paste as plain text.

In Firefox and any Chrome based browser, if you right click on an image

and select "Copy image location" or "Copy link location", the Direct link,

Image address or URL, they are all the same thing, is saved to your clipboard.

If you then paste that into your post, the image will appear.


Like this:


and the link is https://i.imgur.com/rgnhwKa.jpg, as I explained above.


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Thank you very much Nick :)

Understood !

Can you please tell me if you can see my two Images




If Yes 

Please have a look at the ground textures , Runway and Taxiway and tell me if they are correct !

Thanks again ,


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Hi Mike,


This is a known issue with a number of Orbx airports in P3D v5. Apparently, the way P3D handles ground textures has changed, causing the underlying photoreal texture to show through the high-resolution runway/taxiway texture. It's been reported ad nauseam, but the only airport in which it seems to have been fixed is KTVL. I've decided to wait and see what v5.1 brings in that regard. If the issue persists, the ball will be back in Orbx's court...




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