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answered Autogen Issues at Default Airports

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I was recently investigating some issues that I noticed with my stock V5 HF2 airports. I initially thought it was a P3D issue.


I have the following products installed: Global Base, Vector, Terraflora V2, Trees HD, and Buildings HD.


After the investigation, issue is occuring when Vector is enabled. I tested by disabling vector using Lorby's P3DAO.


I have also tried the usual troubleshooting by 'Verifying Files' of all my Orbx products and clicking 'Sync Simulator' in Central.


See attached images. The same issue is also showing in RPVD. I haven't tested other default airports in Philippines, but I suspect the same.


With Vector enabled



Vector disabled


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Thanks for confirming the issue.


The default scenery itself is fine.


The issue only persist when Vector is enabled.


Disabling Vector through Lorby P3DAO fixed it for me. But this isn't ideal for me as I would prefer to keep using Vector.

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Vector should not do that to an airport, as indeed it does not to other airports.

I suppose that it is a matter of perspective, but if 99.9% of airports are not

similarly affected, my perspective would be to suspect the 0.1% that are, rather

than Vector, that is present in 100% of cases.

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There is a tool I use called Lumberjack.


Essentually it cuts down trees on and around runways and has worked well for all the FSX/ESP based sims I've used up to P3D v4.5 (I'm not running v5 as yet).


You've nothing to loose by giving it a trial.




Let us know how it all goes.


Cheers QA

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