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Ok About a year ago I kind of was frustrated with KSUN as the picture below describes the problem That probably is not going to be fixed...Due to Turbulent design is no longer with Orbx...I Know the reason why this is happening. This has to do with the sloped runway at KSUN is why we are having this issues,,, I will tell you how i know is because KFLL from Latin VFR has sloped runways as well and i have the same problem there as well.. Please we don't need sloped runways in Preparv4...Thanks all it does is causes issues like the picture below....


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slopes in FSX and P3D require that airports are built onto models.

This does mean that the user is able to move the eye point under the model

and see something like your image.

There is no need to do this and for most people, I think that the advantages

of the model far outweigh the easily avoided view from underground.

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