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answered 1S2 Darrington: vehicles and staff

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Darrington is gorgeous. One issue is a couple of rogue cars suddenly appearing and running around the airport like maniacs in loops. Hope these can get removed going forward. Also, anyone else seeing an abundance of ground staff waiting with tugs? I counted three on my last circuit and no AI in site. 

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Unfortunatly we can't exclude generic road traffic and the staff waiting to serve  aircrafts. We hope for an update by ASOBO to have some control.  The tarmac staff gets generated automatically as soon you program a parking spot on an apron.


I hope this is an answer.


Happy flying!

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I hope this can be rectified as it's really off putting to me.  I don't see this abundance of ground staff and rogue high speed cars at other airports and other Orbx airports.  Must be someway to exclude them as it ruins the ambiance.  Otherwise Darrington is a worthy addition.

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On 9/13/2020 at 8:42 PM, Nosferatu said:

Thanks for a swift answer. Hopefully Asobo will add those features soon. Anyway, a great little airport that’s never looked better! 

Yes, Darrington has always been one of my favourites, and it looks really good in MS2020, so thank you.


Those ground crew with push-back tugs are rather too omnipresent throughout the MS2020 world, though!

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