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noted OG20 not appearing in sim

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Hi Folks:


I installed OG20 which in my case is in E:\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Community.

The folder is there, I've verified the installation, but I am only getting default scenery in the sim.  Any suggestions?




Lon Duncombe 

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Hello, sorry for my english (i don't speak english)but i have a problem.In fact, i have dowloaded the Orbx og20 fairway and during 2 days, all right. But now, when i launch the scene it's very poor. The trees are missing and the grass too. The building and planes seem to be ok but not the rest. I have try to réinstall the scene, réinstall fs2020, empty the cache of fs2020 and after read you, i try to delete scenery index but i can't find the content.xml file. Where is it please ? Perhape it's the issue of the new patch of fs2020? i d'ont know but now, i can't fly at og20 because it's too bad. What can i do? Thank for your help! I've try to put the setting on max and nothing. i have founded the content.xml file but not working.








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3 hours ago, Maliwhell said:

The trees are missing and the grass too.

Hello Maliwhell, welcome to the forums.

I see the same as you, here at runway 34, showcase camera using 4 and 6 on the number pad to rotate around. I do not have a problem flying from OG20, do you ?

Do you see the vans driving around ? Were you expecting something different ?





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Hello, I hadn't seen it, but I don't have a van in circulation. 
The biggest problem comes from the missing trees as well as the tall grass that has disappeared. 
The airport seems okay but no activities. 
I can fly at this airport but it was so beautiful that I did not want to take off in this state. 
I read on another post that Orbx knew about it and they were looking at it. 
Asobo would have changed something with the latest fs2020 update and Orbx is investigating. 
You also miss the trees and the lawn! 
I link a video talking about what OG20 was before the bug

Good flight!

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