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Avoiding re installing everything?

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This seems to be the forum i'm spending most of my time in lately  :D

My mate is going to show me how to ditch RAID0+1 and just go with RAID0. I haven't read of people on these forums having

too much trouble with RAID0.

He tells me it's an easy step to do but i'l have to reinstall everything like windows and the what not.

Re installing windows is ok cause I hadn't customised it too much but as for flight sim, can I just save it all onto an external HD and dump it back on

somehow and she'll be right? Or am I going to have to start from scratch (again) and re install EVERYTHING?

I know this is sort of a fingers crossed question but you never know  :D

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smurf your mate might mean well but he is 100% wrong, and that is that, you do not have to change a thing with your current system - just make an image that you can restore later.

Use Akronis or GHOST as has been said and boot to a SRD (Software Recovery Disk) for GHOST for instance and make a complete clone to a backup drive.

Configure your RAID) and it's control on your MoBo etc and then reboot with your SRD again and restore the backup you made to the new RAID array. 

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