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active TE-Florida Airplane Bouncing At Many Airports

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I absolutely love TE-FL, but I need to fix this issue ASAP.


I thought it was just at Tallahassee. It's happening in Ocala, Leesburg, and many other airports. I disabled mesh & sode and it still happens.


I tried different airplanes, so it's not airplane specific.


Not happening at payware airports. Only TE-FL airports.


Thanks for the help.


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I'm also having the same issue, with my plane bouncing along the runway on take-off at default True Earth FL airports. P3D v4.5. Vector , BASE Pack, Terra Flora V2, Trees HD, OpenLC North America, Buildings HD installed. Miami City X is turned off. Only other payware airports are Latin VFR KRSW and KEYW.

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When I looked at the TE-FL airports in ADE it showed a bunch of surfaces at airports like OCF, LEE, MKY, APF as MACDAM. I switched those to asphalt, tarmac or concrete and that solved the issue.

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digging this issue back up...

I, too, am having this very same situation happen in P3D v4.5.

It seems as if most of the redone airports included in TE-FL do have this issue... and Bens solution may not be the best as it means going thru every airport file separately.


hay anyone else experienced this issue?




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