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Brakes dont work at half of Middleton PAMD Airport

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Not exactly a support request as I'm not sure its Orbx related, but I was wondering if anyone else has this issue. 

It seems like the northwest half of PAMD Middleton island airport in alaska the brakes on the aircraft dont work...  You can see the wheels lock up and stop spinning but the aircraft doesnt slow down at all....  wondering if its an ice simulation or something?

Wouldnt think so as its 55 degrees Fahrenheit in the simulator.

Ive tried different aircraft.  Its peculuar that its only half of the airport.

I have Orbx southern alaska and FTX Global Base/Vector/OLC-NA and the global freeware airports...  P3D v4


Input would be appreciated.  Thanks.


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Hey Calab,


Just gave it a go myself and yeah, it's like you're on ice where I can hear the brakes working but the plane is not stopping, then you cross this invisible line where the plane noticablely starts braking, or vice versa.


I even slid off to the side and down the hill, there is a little bit of braking as in the handbrake stops you rolling if stopped, othewise it's just like a big patch of ice (if you could see it).


Must be something defined on the AP although I cannot really see anything.


Interesting find indeed.


Cheers QA

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