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One of the best airfields for simulators ever - Darrington Muni

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IMHO, 1S2 is one of the most spectacular small airfields ever created for any sim. 


After some days playing with MSFS, I came back to 1S2 in XP11. And I loved every single bit of it. My conclusion? MSFS is revolutionary, but I will happily keep flying with XP11 for a long time - together with MSFS. I am sure MSFS will mature beautifully. No sim has ever been as nice on day one as MSFS did. However, XP11 is already a quite mature sim, with lots of wonderful sceneries and aircraft, and I love it. 





























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20 minutes ago, stiletto2 said:

Nice pics!  You should be especially happy now that Orbx has announced that 1S2 will be coming to FS2020 very soon.



Thanks, Rod! I didn’t know that! Really great news! 

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11 hours ago, BradB said:

Lovely set of shots Dario . 


Thank you very much, John!  


11 hours ago, carlosqr said:


The settings is fantastic

Great shots Dario

Thank you very much, Carlos!  


10 hours ago, Wakashi said:

These pics back up your statements of XP-11 100%!  Looks like you have more fun in your future when 1S2 comes to MS! :D

Thank you very much, Wakashi! And what a coincidence! I posted this, just to know some minutes later that Orbx will release the MSFS version soon. That’s amazing indeed. :) 


10 hours ago, lifejogger said:

I have always been impressed with how good the scenery looks in XP11 and these shots prove it!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much! It really looks spectacular in XP11. The city, the surrounding areas, everything is perfect. This is my fave Orbx XP11 airfield for XP11 together with 2W3. 


8 hours ago, adambar said:

Top-shelf set of shots Dario. :)


Thank you very much, Adam!  


6 hours ago, Aussieflyer38 said:

Great shots Dario, XP definitely has a lot going for it. I wish we had a few developers releasing aircraft for MSFS, so many I miss, so I'll be flying PD4 for quite a while yet.



Thank you very much, Don! We definitely need realistic aircraft for MSFS ASAP.... I will also keep flying both P3D and XP11 for a while. 


2 hours ago, Iain Emms said:

Great shots Dario.



Thank you very much, Iain!  

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