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This 4K projector may be the answer

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39 minutes ago, John Mac said:

Hi Ken,

Interesting idea and with a soundbar to boot. You would need a very smooth, evenly painted wall to project the image on. Good for outside imagery if using cockpit hardware.



You also need to have Gates, Buffett, Bezos or Zuckerberg as your Family name

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On 9/3/2020 at 7:53 PM, Ken Terry said:

A six foot wide image with the projector only 16" away with 4K resolution may change the need for monitor/s.





I have another suggestion to offer...for those of you, that inherited their Dad's pull up home movie screen's...you know. the one up in the attic or back bedroom (I have one...), that would be the ideal surface to project onto...as it was designed to have a projected light beam upon it. The colors will be deep, true, and not affected by the tone and light filter of house paint.  If one might be serious about this...I'd even consider to order a home movie screen (that usually was used with home film Super 8 reels and projectors.  I have projected my Dad's Super 8 home movies on both the normal house wall, and a true projection screen...and it is night and day, in depth and clarity of the projected image, when using the proper surface (the screen) for the job. I bet, there are a number of those folding TRI-POD footed, and metal round body pull up screens in dozens of households across the globe.  Before VHS...Super 8, ruled the planet...and Kodak, was the MicroSoft of its day...LOL!

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I am using ( VAVA 4K LT002: https://projectorfinder.com/best-short-throw-projectors/ ) and really happy with its picture quality and the built-in speakers sounds very well but I have it in a large room so I got external speakers from JBL. This projector has more lumen power and great contrast ratio as compared to the Optoma Cinemax P2. However, I have not used Optoma in my life so don't know how do they work. Tried BenQ, VAVA, LG and Epson.

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If you're willing to spend as much money for a projector than for everything else together about flight simulation, then sure :lol:

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Personally, I prefer to experience Orbx scenery in surround, in 210 degrees. I only have 1920x1080 monitors but the effect is pretty good. A 17 foot wide view. A 75" monitor to my left and the other three are 55". The immersion is the thing.

I did have a 3 LED projector many years ago but the brightness wasn't the greatest. I switched to LED monitors. Quite happy.




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I think the problem that has put me off projectors for Flight sims, apart from the expense of course, is bulbs as soon as you fire them up for projectors start to degrade more than monitors even, the gradual image quality degeneration thing? I've honestly thought of a good projector for home cinema and researched the in and outs ... bulbs for projectors and especially as they go out of style can be hard to come by, and where would that leave you with your life passion of ultimate wrap around screen Flight sim if your three overhead projectors cant shine anymore?

If Money is no object then fine.

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